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The Baby-sitters Club - Five Times

TITLE - Four Times Jeff Schafer Didn’t Really Have a Good Reason for Giving Jerry Haney a Black Eye, and One Time He Did (September 18, 2011)
PAIRING - Jeff Schafer/Vanessa Pike (implied)
GENRE - Friendship
SUMMARY - This wasn't the first time Jeff had given Jerry Haney a black eye...
WRITTEN FOR - [community profile] babysitters100 (Table 5, Prompt 89 - Commitment)

i. yuppie

"Hey! Don't hog the jungle gym, jerkface." Jeff Schafer said, hitting Jerry Haney's arm.

"Yuppie…" said Jerry.

"What'd you call me?"

"Yuppie, punk."

"Shut up, Jerry." Jeff said, pulling himself onto the jungle gym.

"No way I'm shutting up! Yuppie, yuppie, yuppie!" exclaimed Jerry, sticking out his tongue.

"I'm gonna kill you, Haney!" yelled Jeff, moving forward on the jungle gym.

"Oh, yeah? Go ahead and try, yuppie!" Jerry jumped off the jungle gym. Jeff pulled himself forward, moving quickly towards Jerry. Jeff jumped off and grabbed hold of Jerry's shirt spinning him around and staring into his eyes.

Within thirty seconds, Jerry Haney had black eye number one.

ii. pencil case

"Hey, look what I've got, Jeff!" exclaimed Jerry Haney, waving Jeff's pencil case back and forth.

"Give it back, butthead!" said Jeff, reaching for the plastic case.

"What have you got in here? Poetry from your girlfriend?" teased Jerry, making kissy noises with his mouth.

"I don't have a girlfriend!" insisted Jeff.

"Sure you don't!" laughed Jerry.

"If you don't give it back I swear I'll - "

"You'll what, Jeff? What?"

"Do this…"

Within thirty seconds, Jerry Haney had black eye number two.

iii. pen

"Ow!" said Jeff, rubbing his shoulder. "What the heck…" Jerry laughed, grabbing the pen and stabbing him again. "Hey!" exclaimed Jeff. "What'd you do that for?"

"Oh, Jeffie! I'm sorry, did I hurt you? Do you need your big sister, or maybe your mommy?" laughed Jerry.

"I don't, actually." Jeff said coolly.

"Are you sure?" asked Jerry, laughing hysterically. "Maybe you need all three of the Pikes to help you then?"

"Actually," said Jeff mischievously, "all I need is my fists."

Within thirty seconds, Jerry Haney had black eye number three.

iv. shirt

"What? Hey, cut it out, Jerry!" exclaimed Jeff. "Crap! You got my shirt all dirty! My favorite shirt!"

"Quit your wining, Jeff. It's just a little dirt." Jerry said, brushing some off his shirt.

"You are really irritating you know." Jeff said, angered.

"I try my best." Jerry said with a smile, breathing on his finger nails and rubbing them against his shirt.

"You want another black eye?" asked Jeff, gritting his teeth.

"Sure." Jerry said. "Hit me with your best."

Within thirty seconds, Jerry Haney had black eye number four.

v. vanessa pike

"Hey, stop it! Quit, Jerry! Please give me my glasses back!" begged Vanessa. "Please Jerry! I can't see without them!"

"Haha, try to get them, geekburger!" laughed Jerry, throwing them onto the ground.

"Hey, you!" yelled Jeff.

"What the heck?" questioned Jerry, turning away. "Aw, crap! It's Jeff Schafer!"

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Jeff, running towards Vanessa.

"Jeff, he took my glasses!" exclaimed Vanessa. Jeff grabbed her glasses from the ground and handed them to her.

"C - c - come on, Jeff!" said Jerry, stepping back. "I - I - I didn't mean to - "

"Yes you did!" exclaimed Vanessa teary eyed. Jeff pulled her to his side as the tears fell from her eyes.

"P - p - please don't beat me up, Jeff! Come on! She's just a girl!" reasoned Jerry.

"Yeah, but she's my best friends' little sister."

Within thirty seconds, Jerry Haney had his fifth black eye…and Jeff Schafer had a very good reason for giving it to him.