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The Baby-sitters Club/Kids Incorporated - Christmas Is Love In Action

TITLE - Christmas Is Love In Action (December 23, 2011)
PAIRING - Sam Thomas/Stacey McGill, Mickey/Gloria
UNIVERSE - Post-Canon
GENRE - Family, Romance
SUMMARY - Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas. - Dale Evans
WRITTEN FOR - [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking (recipient: [personal profile] luxken27); [community profile] babysitters100 (Prompt 69 - Best Friend)

"Sam…I swear if you don't co-operate I'll punch you in vitals." Kristy said, angrily smacking Sam's back as he laughed uncontrollably with their brothers. "Come on! We have to get these Christmas cards sent off."

"I'm sorry, Kristy, you just said 'do' twice in a row." Sam said, crossing his arms and putting on a serious face before cracking up again.

"Kristy, Claudia is tired of waiting. Either hurry your card process up or we're taking the family picture without you guys." Stacey said, walking through the door and sitting down at the kitchen table.

"Ugh...guys, go on, I'll be right out." Kristy replied, writing the family names in the card and sticking it in the envelope. She wrote the address on the envelope and walked towards the door. "Stacey, I'm ready to…" Kristy backed up a little ways. She smiled when she saw Sam and Stacey standing beside each other under the mistletoe.


Mickey yawned and took the letters from the mailbox. "Mail call!" Mickey said, walking back into the house.

"Ooh, any Christmas cards?" Gloria asked, walking towards her husband and looking over his shoulder as he flipped through the letters.

"Bill, bill, shady credit card offer, address labels, bill, Christmas card!" Mickey jerked the card from the pile and threw the rest of the mail on the table. It wasn't commonplace for Christmas cards to arrive in the mail - most everyone who would send a card to begin got a chance to give it to them person. "From The Thomas-Brewers…" Mickey opened the card and Gloria read aloud.

"Merry Christmas, Love, The Thomas-Brewers - Watson and Elizabeth, Charlie and Janine, Sam and Stacey, David Michael, Karen, Andrew and Emily Michelle."

"Hard to believe almost all of them are paired off, huh?" Mickey asked with a smile.

"A little. It's harder to believe most of our former band mates are paired off." Gloria replied, looking towards the refrigerator, where the other Christmas cards hung. "Ryan and Stacy, Jules and Renee…"

"What about us?" he asked, leading her over to the hallway. "Would you just look…now how did that mistletoe get there?"

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