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Kids Incorporated - Chill

TITLE - Chill (January 29, 2012)
PAIRING - Ryan/Stacy
GENRE - Humor, Romance
SUMMARY - Maybe Stacy is a bit too excited over her date with Ryan.
WRITTEN FOR - [livejournal.com profile] drabblefix (Prompt 2 - Chill)

Stacy closed the door excitedly, leaning up against the back of the door and heaving. She took of her jacket and hung it in the closet before taking off her hat and hanging it in the closet.

She walked through the hall and sighed lightly as she walked past Renee's bedroom with a sigh. Renee raised an eyebrow and closed her book, setting her glasses on the dresser. "Stacy? Are you alright?"

"Renee, you won't believe it!" Stacy screeched running into Renee's bedroom. "He finally asked me out! What should I do?"

Renee eyed her. "First, you need to chill."