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Wind at My Back - Before

TITLE - Before (January 22, 2012)
PAIRING - Bob Bailey/Toppy Bailey, Jack Bailey/Honey Bailey
GENRE - Angst, Drama
SUMMARY - The Bailey women can never be sure.
WRITTEN FOR - [livejournal.com profile] drabblefix (Prompt 1 - Before)

It was fine before.

No, that’s a lie. Nothing was ever right.


They were always fighting.

Toppy can’t hold back her tears at night. Bob doesn’t belong to her anymore.

Now she’s thinking he probably never did to begin with.


She wants to break apart from her mother.

Grace knows there’s more to life. There must be.

Now she’s starting to doubt she’ll ever attain that.


She’s facing the realization that she can’t be with them anymore.

Honey can’t see her children in the morning or kiss them goodnight.

Now she’s starting to doubt things will ever be normal again.