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Kids Incorporated - Kiss

TITLE - Kiss (February 19, 2012)
PAIRING - Mickey/Gloria
GENRE - Romance
SUMMARY - Mickey and Gloria share their first kiss after Mickey moves back to New York.
WRITTEN FOR - [profile] drabblefix (Theme 1 - Romance)

Gloria smiled, enjoying the feeling of Mickey’s arm around her. It was satisfying and exhilarating, she felt fulfilled.

“Did you miss me?” Mickey whispered, as Gloria leaned her head on his shoulder.

“No, actually. I enjoyed having freedom.” Gloria said, her voice filled with sarcasm. “Of course I missed you, Bozo.” She said, smacking his shoulder and shaking her head.

“Gloria, I swear I’ll never leave again.” He said, brushing a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear.

Gloria looked up. Mickey leaned down, closing his eyes and pressing a kiss against her lips. He was finally home.