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The Baby-sitters Club - Together

TITLE - Together (April 8, 2012)
UNIVERSE - Post-Canon
GENRE - Angst, Family
WORD COUNT - ~1,000
SUMMARY - When a world-shattering event takes place, Shannon goes back to Stoneybrook.
WRITTEN FOR - Baby-sitters Club Easter Exchange 2012 (recipient: cassandraclue)

Shannon Kilbourne yawned and turned onto her side, sitting up in the bed. She groaned, and reached for her (quite obnoxiously) ringing cell phone. She looked at the lock screen. Groaning once more she answered. “Hello?” she said, a yawn immediately following.

“Shannon?” the voice on the phone asked.

“Yeah. Who is this?” Shannon asked, checking the time on her alarm clock. 5:03. How she hated being woken up on Saturdays.

“This is Marla Faust. I own the Corner Barbershop which I’m told is across from the house where you grew up. Anyway - it seems there’s - there’s some trouble.”
Shannon swallowed past the lump in her throat. “T-trouble?”


Shannon’s hands shook. So did her legs as she pulled into the parking lot of the Stoneybrook General Hospital. Tiffany saw her and frowned sympathetically, causing Shannon to breathe in sharply. She shut the door to her car and pulled her purse over her shoulder, walking toward Tiffany. She stood at the entrance of the waiting room. Her eyes were red and puffy.

“He…” tears ran down her face. “He’s not doing well. You should probably go see him.”
Shannon wanted to ask all kinds of questions, but she refrained. She simply nodded and walked through the doors.

Her mother and Maria stood outside her father’s hospital room door. Their eyes were red like Tiffany’s. “Is he?” Shannon asked, not quite able to choke out the final word in her sentence.
Maria finished for her. “Yes. But hurry.”

Shannon tried to stop her uncontrollably shaking hands as she opened the bedroom door.


Slowly, they trickled through the door dressed all in black. All of their neighbors, friends, family…even a few of Shannon and Tiffany’s old charges. Seeing them all together, some laughing and talking comforted her to some extent. Shannon stood in front of the casket with her mother and sisters. She held the obituary card in her hand. Theodore Kilbourne, it read at the top, 1949-2000.

A massive heart attack was listed as the cause of death.

“I’m so sorry, Shannon.” Linny Papadakis said, hugging her. Had it not been for his unmistakable smile and always kind nature, she wouldn’t have known that he was the little nine year-old boy she used to sit for.

“Thanks, Linny. It-it means a lot.” She choked out her last words over a tear. He smiled sympathetically and walked on to greet the others. Shannon turned to the side and looked at the flowers, trying to keep tears from flowing down her face freely enough to ruin her black mascara.

“Shannon?” she heard a voice ask from behind her. Shannon turned and saw Kristy Thomas beside her. Behind her were Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Logan, Mallory, Jessi, and Abby. She smiled.

“Well if it isn’t The Baby-sitters Club. If there’s anyone that could reform a club this quick it’s Kristy Thomas.” Shannon said with a slight smile on her face which departed thereafter. For what Shannon figured must have been the first time in her life, Kristy blushed.

“We just wanted to say that we loved you and your father very much and - ” Mary Anne stopped wiping the handkerchief that Kristy supplied (Logan and Abby were too slow) over her eyes before continuing “ - and that he’ll be missed.”

“Thank you guys. I love you all, too.” Shannon said, wiping her tears with her tissue. The ninesome disbanded and went their separate ways, each making sure to give their condolences to Mrs. Kilbourne, Tiffany, and Maria.

For Shannon, the rest of the night was simply repeated thanks and forced smiles over deep pain. Shannon stayed in her room that night, hugging her father’s pajama top as she drifted into a restless sleep.


Shannon awoke the next morning on her own time. She looked at the clock on her wall, now next to her Oklahoma! poster. The time was 1:08. She stood up and walked downstairs. Her mother was sitting at the kitchen table reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee. “Good morning, sleepyhead.” her mother said, smiling. “I thought you were going to sleep all day.”

“You could have woke me up, you know.” Shannon said, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“I…” she began, “I figured you needed some rest.”

Shannon swallowed and forced a smile. “I think we all did.” She looked around the empty kitchen. “Where are Tiffany and Maria?”

“Maria went to run some errands. Tiffany is out in the garden.” Kathy said, sipping her coffee.

“She’s gardening?” Shannon asked. Her mother nodded. “I guess some things never change.”
Shannon stood up and walked towards the backdoor. She walked out to the garden where Tiffany sat, legs crossed, pulling leaves and bark off of a twig. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Not so hot. How about you?” Tiffany asked, setting the twig beside her and leaning back on her hands.

“I don’t feel that great either.” Shannon said, running her hand over the knee of the silk pajamas Tiffany lent her.

They both let a moment of silence pass until Tiffany broke it. “I just…I don’t understand.”

“Neither do I.” Shannon said. Leaning herself back on her hands. “I just…I guess…I don’t know.” She rambled on.

“Anybody back here?” Shannon and Tiffany turned their head and saw Maria standing outside the door. Their mother was standing beside her.

“We’re back here.” Tiffany replied, picking up her twig and pulling off another leaf.

“What are you doing?” Maria asked, sitting down beside Shannon.

“Just talking.” Shannon said, looking down. Their mother sat down beside Tiffany. All four of them sat there in silence for a moment. If someone would have looked at them then and there they would have seen a wounded family, constant tinges of pain haunting all of them. Shannon tapped Tiffany and held out her hand. Maria reached out and Shannon grabbed her hand. Tiffany reached for their mom’s hand.

Each of them had tears at the brim of their eyes as they sat there in a peaceful silence.
Somehow, though they were always quarreling and fighting, they knew they would get through this.