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Kids Incorporated - Determination

TITLE - Determination (February 7, 2013)
PAIRING - Gloria/Ryan
UNIVERSE - Alternate (western universe from Rockin’ Saddles)
GENRE - Romance, Humor
SUMMARY - Sheriff remembers the first day Ms. Gloria came to town.

Sheriff remembers the first day Ms. Gloria came to town. She was hired as a replacement for Jennifer after she eloped with his deputy, Daniel, and he was sent to the train station to escort her to her new lodging. Ryan’s wide, tattered hat was pulled slightly over his eyes and his arms were crossed over his chest, waiting patiently for her train to arrive. He perked up, pushing the hat back atop his head when the sound and smells of the impending arrival of the locomotive filed his senses.

She had, luckily, been the only woman to step off when the train came to a noisy stop. She lifted a seemingly new, deep crimson suitcase beside her and kept a small stack of books and assorted papers tucked beneath her arm. Her eyes looked confused and somewhat anxious, but determined nonetheless. Determination. That was always the quality he admired in her.
Ryan stood up, tipping his hat and holding out his hand to offer a friendly shake. “Pleased to meet you, ma’am!” He spoke, curling his mouth into a wide grin.

Gloria blushed, shifting uncomfortably as people got off the train behind her, surrounding the couple on the platform. Reaching out her hand, she muttered, “Charmed to meet you, as well.” She smiled and moved further out of the way of the men exiting the train behind her. “You must be the sheriff.”

Ryan nodded, sticking his thumbs in his belt loops and letting his fingers grace over his holster as he made eye contact with a rather shady looking gentleman. He turned his attention back to Gloria, who gripped her books to her chest at the site. “Sheriff Pico Ryan, ma’am. But you,” he smirked, “may call me Ryan.”

Gloria looked at him with a smile on her face. Ryan held out his arm and she put forward her own, locking them together as walked on.

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