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Kids Incorporated - Dance

TITLE - Dance (February 13, 2013)
PAIRING - Gloria/Ryan
UNIVERSE - Alternate (western universe from Rockin’ Saddles)
GENRE - Romance, Humor
SUMMARY - “Well don’t that just beat all you ever did see!” Stacy exclaimed, tapping Riley and directing his attention to the dancing couple. “The sheriff and the schoolteacher.”

The town had a Christmas party every December. Almost everyone in the town contributed something to the festivities; food, drinks, music…Riley even provided use of the Palace for the night, provided that (as stated in his original conditions) “everyone cleans up after themselves and causes no trouble for me or Stacy.”

Ryan entered the Palace through the front doors, hit with the loud piano music that echoed through the air. Laughs and giggles surrounded him as he sat down at the counter, tipping his hat towards Stacy, who rolled her eyes mercilessly.

“Can I help you, Sheriff?” Stacy inquired, out of obligation, resting her serving tray on her hip as she waited for his reply.

“You sure do sound tired.” Ryan observed, smiling.

“Yeah, well, Kid the Kid and Renee Oakley have been playin’ cards for about three hours now and have all but exhausted both me and the sarsaparilla supply.” Stacy said, motioning towards the two and sighing. “Anything I can get you?”

“I’ll have a malted if you can spare one.” Ryan chimed.

“One malted, coming right up.” Stacy acknowledged, moving behind the counter to inform Riley of the drink orders.

Ryan pulled off his hat, setting it down in front of him and taking some time to observe his surroundings. Renee and Kid the Kid were indeed involved in a deep game of cards and he could only hope for right now that they both had the decency to hold off cheating until after the party.

At the table beside them sat Gloria, the schoolteacher. Her floral bonnet was tied neatly beneath her neck and she slumped slightly into the textbook she was studying. The piano switched tunes in that moment, moving from a slower tune onto a snappier piece that made him tap his feet. Several of the other patrons had started to do a bit of a jig in the corners of the Palace and Ryan gripped his hat until his knuckles whitened. He finally got up from his chair, just as Stacy sat down his malted on the table. She glared at him slightly as he left his drink behind.

“Care to dance, Ms.?” Ryan beamed, holding out his hand to Gloria. She shut her book and looked up at him.

“I-I really shouldn’t…” she muttered, looking away. She bit her lip and tapped her fingers against the table. “Oh, alright.” She agreed, standing up and taking his hand, laughing as he spun her around, twirling to the music.

“Well don’t that just beat all you ever did see!” Stacy exclaimed, tapping Riley and directing his attention to the dancing couple. “The sheriff and the schoolteacher.”

Riley shook his head and sighed, glancing down at her. “You’d never admit it, but you’re ‘bout as bad as Ms. Oakley at reading too much into things.”

Stacy looked offended and crossed her arms as she walked away, passing back by Ryan’s table and grabbing his malt. She pulled out the straw and threw it on her tray, taking a swig from the slightly softened treat. She looked at Renee and rolled her eyes, focusing once again on the Sheriff and Ms. Gloria.

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