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Kids Incorporated - Daring

TITLE - Daring (March 9, 2013)
PAIRING - Ryan/Gloria
UNIVERSE - Alternate (western universe from Rockin’ Saddles)
GENRE - Romance, Humor
WORD COUNT - ~1,345
SUMMARY - “It seems,” she said, pointing below them, “that the wheel has broken.”

Every conversation Ms. Gloria has with the Sheriff in between his asking her for a date and the actual night was awful. She tried her best to stay calm and collected, as she knew she could, but she always walked away thinking she sounded desperate.

In a way, Ryan’s feelings matched them almost exactly. Whenever he spoke to her, whether it was their normal brand of uninteresting small talk or a question about the agreed upon date, he always left feeling he sounded too eager. Eager. He couldn’t bear the thoughts that the word brought to his mind.


Occasionally, when Ryan was alone in his office with nothing else to do, he’d simply think. Before Gloria came to town, he used to bring a book to read. But now, every time he sits down to take a look inside one of his crime novels, his mind wanders. Because regardless of the book’s description, the beautiful woman always reminded him of Gloria. The beautiful woman. In her daring orange-yellow dress, trimmed with a dusty green. Her mesmerizing pearl earrings. Her sparkling headpiece…

These thoughts were the things that kept him distracted from his book. Distracted from his work. Heck, they even kept him from sleeping properly some nights. These were the thoughts that made him blush or laugh at inopportune times. But these were the thoughts that kept him smiling throughout the long, hard, lonely days. But, if his count was correct, there were only two more days until the day…and that wouldn’t be hard or lonely at all.


The carnival arrived in town two days before it was set to open to the public. Gloria passed by it both mornings on her way the schoolhouse. Seeing the quick evolution of the rides and games amazed her. By her walk home on the second day, the construction had reached completion. Tomorrow, she thought, tomorrow is the day.


Gloria let out a shaking breath when she heard the knock at her door. She tightened the strings on her bonnet again and smoothed a nonexistent wrinkle on her skirt. Her boots tapped against the wooden floor as she made her way to the door. She opened the door briskly, the cool evening air making itself apparent on her skin.

Ryan smiled and held out a handful of various flowers. Gloria smiled at him, and took them into her hands, running one of the silky petals between her fingers. In a way it shocked her - it seemed a bit out of character given his tough and steely sheriff persona. But the softer Ryan, the Ryan that she saw when they caught the cat and he first asked her…that Ryan would bring his girl flowers every day.

“I’ll go and stick these in some water.” She marveled, shuffling back in her house and searching for her vase. She searched in the cupboard and the cabinets, muttering unkind things about her unpacking skills. At last, she discovered the elegant piece (still wrapped in the newspapers from home) beneath her bed.

Gloria unwrapped it carefully and took it back to the kitchen. She filled it about halfway with water and slipped the flowers in. She arranged them slightly, making sure the tallest flowers were in the middle and shorter ones at the bottom.

As she made her way back to the door, she cringed as she remembered the source of the object. The vase was the last gift from her father to her mother before his death. It was, she realized, either fate or just brutal irony.


Ryan’s heart was beating faster than it should have been. His breathing was labored by his nerves as she walked beside him. He was the sheriff. He had caught gunslingers. Con men. Moonshiners. He was prepared for that.

Just not this.

“Would you like to ride the ferris wheel with me?” Gloria asked, pointing towards the contraption. Her face was illuminated with the light that it shed over the dim evening.

He swallowed and nodded.


The line to ride the ferris wheel was long. Very, very long. Considering the size of the town’s population, a long line said something.

The ride had filled up twice before they finally got their chance. They climbed into one of the seats and the worker pulled down the rail. Gloria looked towards him and smiled.

He tried his best to smile back, but he knew he looked nervous when he did. That realization made him feel even more nervous. He figured out in that moment that it was a constant cycle. He worried the seam on his jeans between his two fingers.

The ferris wheel started with a jerk, and soon they were moving, round and round. Ryan couldn’t help but marvel at the view from the top - from where they were right then (the second seat from the top), he could see the whole of the lot; the other rides, the booths, the vacant places beyond the gates…

Gloria was the first one to realize the predicament. She saw the look on the operator’s face and heard the murmurings of the people around them. The downside of coming on opening day is that they don’t quite have all the kinks worked out yet. She groaned.

Ryan suddenly became attentive, drawing himself out of his thoughts.

“Any trouble, Ms. Gloria?” he croaked, looking at her questioningly, with the smallest bit of fear in his eyes.

“It seems,” she said, pointing below them, “that the wheel has broken.”

Ryan’s mouth became very dry in that instant. He didn’t exactly have what you would call faith in the people who travelled with the ride, but he did assume they knew what they were doing…however, it wasn’t a matter of that. He swallowed hard and truly realized where he was. He was sitting right beside the woman he loved, and he was suddenly all too aware of it.

The sheriff felt the heat of her body against him in the small space and her own breathing. He closed his eyes. “I’ve loved you since the first day you came to town.”

Silence. For a moment, anyway - nothing is silent for long with this many people around. He heard her swallow and cough a bit.

“I’m…I’m not sure what to say.” She said with a small laugh.

“Well,” he replied, daring to look at her, “you can say one of two things. The first being that you have never felt that way for me and - ”

Ryan was cut off by the feeling of her lips pressed against his. He closed his eyes once more as her hand reached up to rest against his neck. He lifted one of his hands to her cheek and cupped it gently.

Gloria was the one who broke the kiss after a moment. “I’m assuming that will work just as well as one of the two things for and answer?”

Ryan nodded furiously, his cheeks burning red. “Yeah…” he squeaked, rubbing his shoulder. It came out higher than he had intended. “So I guess this means…”

“It certainly does, Sheriff.” Gloria smiled. “The sheriff and the schoolteacher. Have you ever heard of such a pair?”

Ryan grinned. “No, Miss, I don’t believe I have.” Their eyes locked then, and he closed the gap between them for another kiss.


“Riley! Riley!” Stacy hissed, smacking hey employer with the back of her hand. They stood a few yards away from the ferris wheel, selling cotton candy out of a small booth.

“What is it?!” he retorted, handing a large, blue mound of puffy sugar the customer in front of him.

“Look! What did I tell you about the sheriff and the schoolteacher?” she asked, pointing towards their seat of the ferris wheel.

“Well, I’ll be doggone!” Riley said, leaning against his counter. “I reckon you were right, Ms. Stacy.”

“Don’t look so surprised! You bet ya’ bottom dollar I was right. Now get your tail end back over to that there cotton candy contraption. We’ve got customers.”

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